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SOW Sept. 26, 2000

At Home With Julie Pinson
Even though she grew up with two older brothers – or maybe because she grew up with two brothers – Julie Pinson (Eve) is anything but a tomboy. “I’m very much a little girl inside,” she insists. “My favorite color is pink, and I still collect Barbies.” When she was younger, though, she definitely paid the price for all that sugar and spice. “My brothers need to beat the heck out of me because I never got into trouble with Mom and Dad. I’m sure I [tattled] a few times, too,” Pinson recalls with a laugh. Even when they got older, her siblings didn’t become the defenders she had hoped they would be. “My brothers were never like extra fathers to me at all,” she admits. “Even when I started going out with boys, they couldn’t have cared less!” The upside to it all? Pinson learned the value of being an independent woman – just like Eve.