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A day in the life...

I decided to try this write about your day thing online. Never done this before, but I hear writing things down for people to read is not a way to go. Now if no one was reading it that would be better. But since I don't know any of you,  it's okay.


Well the last couple weeks have been okay. Let's see what have I done, I have to say I have a terrible memory.  I know, what about my LAKERS!  I can't say how much I love the team. I hope some day to sit courtside next to Jack Nicholson (A girl can dream can't she!)  I love Rick Fox, he's my favorite player. I love Shaq and Kobe too, but Foxy is my man! LOL  Today they're playing Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. I believe if they beat the Spurs tonight they have a good chance of sweeping the series. But let's not get ahead ourselves. One game at a time.

We drove down to L.A. the other day to go pick up a friend ended up seeing Shrek. Can I just say, what in the world is with movie prices these days.  Student discount was $7.50 reg. admission was $9.  Student disc. here is about $6.50.  Even though I graduated from college I still use my student ID. There's no date on it so I plan on using it til I don't look like my picture anymore heehee ...As for the movie, Shrek, it's great! I liked it, it pokes fun at Disney and fairytale characters!  I recommend this movie if you need a laugh.  I've made a list of movies I have to see within the next few weeks. There's Tomb Raider, Pearl Harbor, and a few others that I can't remember right now.

While it's on my mind, any Southern Californians going crazy about these gas prices.  I know I am. It's sad when you get excited to see gas for $1.89  When we were down in L.A., cheap gas was expensive!  I guess I'm glad I don't live around there. So if anyone plans on visiting L.A. bring some extra $$ for gas.  Trust me you'll need it!


Wow, it's been a while since I've written.  Honestly I just forget.  Well in the past month, I've seen a few good movies Josie and the Pussycats, Bridget Jones, Driven and some other ones I just don't remember. I did the see the Mummy Returns twice. The first time the movie was cut in the middle and we waited for about 15 min. for them to get it back up again. We got a free movie pass and on Monday I went to see it again. 

Today my dad got into an accident today, he fractured his shoulder and has it brace on it now to pull it back or something. The doctor showed me the x-rays his bone split.  When he called this morning and told me he thought he broke his neck I freaked. But then I was like he should be okay because if his neck was broken he wouldn't of been able to call. Anyways, I was freaked and was praying and hoping it wasn't too serious. When we got to his work he was in the ambulance, the EMT's told us it was his shoulder.  I'm a worry wart, I worry about everything!  We followed them to the ER and were there for most of the morning and afternoon. It was tiring! And for some reason I'm up, I should be in bed. He's doing well now so I can rest sleep well tonight.

The Lakers won today. They played a great 1st and 3rd qtr. but ended the game poorly. The let Sacramento back in the game. But none the less they won!!  They are no up 2-0 and next game is Friday up at the Kings house, the loudest arena in the NBA. But the Lakers can do it! I wish to go another game but tickets are so expensive, it's amazing that some people will pay over $300 for a pair of tickets.

Well I'm getting tired, time for bed maybe watch Conan O'Brien for a little bit. I love him! He's so funny!



Well the house is done an painted. We've got white walls! I didn't think it would look any good but it brings in more light and I kinda like it.  I'm glad this almost over the guys painting the house misplaced everything, used our dish sponge to clean up paint, now we have nothing. I need to go buy more. On top of that I can't find our dishwashing liquid. It's to the store tomorrow.  Oh! Did I forget to mention that my black jacket, that I love to wear has paint all over it now. AHHH... I found it on the floor with white paint, go figure. I don't know what I'm going to do. I just hope they come tomorrow and put the curtains back up. I'm about to do it myself, but I tried that once and they moved it out cause they needed the space. 

Today I had lunch with my sister, we went to Rubio's Baja Grill!  I love this place, the best chicken taco's!! I was in a bit of road rage today heehee I knot it's not good but when you have people cut you off the slow down in front of you, it gets kind of annoying. There was this car on freeway, mind you it was traffic, my exit was coming up so I put my blinker on so I can switch lanes. This car speeds up and doesn't let me through, I slow down and so do they. What is up with that. I almost missed my exit cause of her. She ended up exiting the same exit and I had to give her the stare. It's people like that cause accidents.

Lakers played again today. The problem with the team this year is that they lose against the teams they should beat and  they win the toughest games. They haven't had a good year, but they are still my team. They played the Boston Celtics today and were up by 20 almost throughout the whole game, and almost lost it a the game. Final score 100-94. I can't wait until play-offs!!!

One more thing, I ordered a palm pilot and it's supposed to be here but it's not yet. I played with my friends and it's kind of cool, so I can't wait til mine comes! Ok maybe not one more thing. This morning I woke up got in the shower and found this red line between my eyes. What in the world was that? I tried to cover up but didn't work? I couldn't help but laugh because it's so noticeable. I still went out and people would look at but I didn't care. I just hope it goes away soon!

I hope to see a movie this weekend, I really want to see Along Came A Spider, Enemy At The Gates, and Bridget Jones' Diary. And looking forward to Miss Congeniality  coming out on DVD May 1st. Oh can say, I watched Popstar's today and I was teary-eyed with the whole family thing!  Loved it. I don't tear or cry a lot. It was very touching to see!  These gals are great!



Today was a fairly good day. See the last month I would always drive to my friends house in Orange County and from where I live to there is about 30 min. drive. Doesn't seem to long, but trust me it is, especially if you're tired. I just stayed home today. I was a bit sore from working out last night too. I'm so out of shape. I wish I was still playing basketball. (Ahhh, those were the good ol' days!) The first thing I did was shoot some hoops in the backyard, seeing if I still had my shot, which I do, thank goodness! From there I went to run some errands and pay some bills.

On my way home from running errands I stopped by Del Taco to get something to eat. I thought I saw this girl from school there, but it wasn't. The sucky (is there a proper way to spell that word?)  thing was that I think she was seeing someone else on the side. See here's the deal, she was pretty chummy with the guy she was with, you know public display of affection. While they were waiting for the food, I hear her talking on the phone and she said, "can you tell my husband I'll be running a little late." Go figure. Personally, I hope she gets caught.

Can I just say how much I love the Lakers. You know they're not doing so great this season compared to last year, but I'm a fan through think and thin. They beat the Utah Jazz today, which they needed. Kobe is out with an ankle injury and they need to get home court advantage for the first round of playoffs. Which my friend got tickets for! Woo Hoo!!  They're the nose bleed seats, but the view is still good! 

Right now the paint fumes are getting to me and too cold to have the windows open, but I must do it.



So what exactly did I do today. Just hung out at home for half the day. I woke up pretty early, don't know why. It's weird, I sleep late and end up waking up early and vice versa. But anyways, my dad came home today with her. They went rummaging through mail and walk around the house. We're having our house painted, which is cool, but at the same time time consuming. Our living room is a mess. My dad got Her son and his friend to do all this. I guess it would be cheaper. Well he gave them the key to our house, which in my opinion sucks. When we're not home they make themselves at home (which I don't really mind) but they don't clean up after themselves. They leave our cups and glasses outside and pile up the dishes. I mean if you're going to make yourself at home, you could clean up after yourself.

My dad packed up some old clothes, he's going to send them back to his brother over seas. They didn't stay too long so it was good.

Later that day I went to my friends house in Orange County. We went to go see a movie, but before that we played a few board games like Risk. I didn't too well. Lost the whole world! Later we played cards with her aunt. Loved this game.  When the game was finished we left for the movie, which was showing at The Block. I've never been there so it was kinda cool. That night there were a lot of people there, a lot of high school kids.

The movie we went to see was Momento. I didn't know what this movie was about, so I enjoyed it. The story is told backwards so it was good. I recommend this movie. Guy Pearce and Carrie-Ann Moss (Matrix) star in it. Got home pretty late but ended up going to bed really late.