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This years luncheon was pretty fun.  There were a few surprises, a few actors I didn't expect to see.  Kristina Wagner, Ingo Rademacher, and Anna Lee.  Anna Lee recieved a standing ovation.  Maurice arrived late as did Ingo.  Sarah Brown wasn't there, I heard that something must have kept her from coming because she had told a lot people that she was going to be there.  They had the Q&A was fun.  I don't want to get all into detail cuz I my don't feel like typing right now, sorry. 

After they Q&A they all went to there tables for pics and autographs.  Kristina and John's table was one of the longest lines, Maurice's was the other one.  The first table we hit was Real's.  He's a very nice and sweet man and does appreciate his fans.  We met Larkin (Scott something) he was cool. Wally was pretty cool, he looked tired though or it was just me.  Next was Ingo and Tava.  Tava was sweet and Ingo was nice.  John J. York's was pretty long, but he's a very nice and sociable.  One of the nicest ones there.  Maurice was awesome, not bad to look at either.  The last one's we talked to were Jackie Zeman and Coltin Scott, both very sweet, and care about there fans.  Oh I forgot to mention Scott Egan, how awesome is he!?  He was the sweetest one there.  It was his first fan event, you could tell (hehe). He introduced himself and asked for my name.  I love Johnny!  I asked if I could take picture of him and he asked if I would like to take one with him.  I did of course. Below are some pictures.

Me with...

Wally Kurth | Ingo Rademacher | Maurice Bernard | Scott Egan | Tava Smiley

Various Actors

Kristina Wagner  | Maurice Bernard | Landon Wine & Constance Towers |


Here are a couple of  pics from Real's event

Real Andrews, Maurice Bernard, Michael Saucedo | Real Andrews, Coltin Scott, Jacob Young, Michael Saucedo