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Name:  Krzee
sex:  female
age:  21
hair strands:  2
hair color:  black/brown
weight:  ???
last seen:  freaking out because Kathy wasn't

last seen wearing:  jean demin shorts,  and atop with the words "I'm not CRAZY"      
written on the front
If you see this person...good luck!

Name:  Jett
sex:  female
age:  20
hair strands:  too many to count
weight:  ???
last seen:  chasing wally kurth down the street
last seen wearing:  jeans and t-shirt that says
"WALLY'S MINE" and so is Ned

~BTW if you see this man (in the pic) warn him huh!?~
If you see the prepared to hear every line said       
by Ned and Lois!