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The PC party was fun, but I had more fun last year.  We had dinner as usual, then the actors came out. Nolan was the MC, he was funny as usual, went on for a while, but still funny.  He introduced all the actors.  The Q&A session wasn't that great, I thought.  Who picks out these questions anyways.  3 actors got similar questions.  After all the Q&A they had fan participation. I don't remember any of the questions except for the Chris/Karen pairing to which Nolan came up to the person who asked this and pretended to hand her money.  The questions that were directed towards the producers, their answers were "Keep Watching".  Gee thanks!

 After that ended. The actors went to there tables for pictures and autographs.  The first line I went to was Nicholas Pryor, Marie Wilson, and David Gail.  Nicholas Pryor was very nice and struck up conversation as we were waiting for other people to move in the line.  Next, I talked to Marie Wilson, she had remembered me from when I met her at Mitch Longly's play (back in March) I was surprised, but it was really cool, she's was one of the nicest people there.  Then we talked to David Gail, he's a cool guy (despite the fact, I'm trying to get used Joe still).  He was fun to talk to.

There was hardly anyone in line for the actress who play Gabriella so I went in that line.  She was very nice.  I was going to got the Kimberlin Brown, Kelly Manaco, and Beverly Garland's table but the line was pretty long for that, so I went to Thorsten Kaye's line.  This man is HOT!  I'm a sucker for accents.  He was very nice as well.  I then went into Erin Hershey and Kiko (don't remember his last name) line.  Erin Hershey was pretty cool, she talked to everyone.  Erin and Kiko have good chemistry on and off the set.  Now let me tell you I now love Kiko! hehe  He's very sweet and he's got the most gorgeous eyes and told him so!   He likes to talk as well, people behind us were yelling for him to hurry up.  They told him and he joked about it.  While were waiting in line, he told everyone in line to look his way, and he took a picture.  It was pretty cool. 

I then went over to Julie Pinson's line, her line was very long.  She's very nice as always and talks to everyone as well.  Julie, Jay, and Nolan's line were the longest.  Nolan had left early so I didn't get meet him this time.  Jay is a sweetheart and also has gorgeous eyes.  I didn't get to meet all the actors but it was ok, I had met some of the last year.    After Jay's we left.  Here's some pictures below.

Me with...

Jay Pickett | Ion Overman
Various Actors
Nicholas Pryor | Thorsten Kaye | Kiko and Erin Hershey 
Julie Pinson | Julie Pinson and Ion Overman | Marie Wilson and Jay Pickett
Nolan North | Kimberlin Brown and Kelly Monaco