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Soap Opera Digest



February 26, 1999

This event was fun! It was my first time going and a memorable one. Before the show started me and Valerie were star gazing! We watched mostly the GH people cuz we could hear the fans screaming and flash bulbs were going crazy. I saw almost everyone in the cast. Valerie was of course looking for Nolan (Chris, PC), and she finally found him during the show. She borrowed binoculars from the people sitting behind us and everytime there was a commercial break and find him. It was great! It was hard to hear sometimes what the announcers and winners were saying cuz the fans were really, really loud. Good thing I taped it.

At the end of the show we went down to the rail so we could see some of the star. Valerie told me we weren't leaving til she met Nolan. He was right there in plain site and we were waiting for him to walk so we could call his name. As he was walking I called out his name and he waved. Then I said "It's Valerie!" He said "Where's Valerie!?" I pointed to Valerie and said "Right here" Knowing that Valerie was a huge Nolan/Chris fan I thought she would say something before I did, but since she didn't I thought I'd do it! Anywayz, he came over and told Valerie, "Where have you been all these years!" and hugged should've seen her face, definitely a kodak moment. I wasn't sure if she would be able to drive home or not *L* He's such a sweet guy!

That's my evening!

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