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My (stupid) embarrassing moment

~I sprained my ankle trying to kick a golf ball backwards....A GOLF BALL!! (come on! *L*) I blacked out after that for a few minutes. When I went to get my ankle checked out, I ended up having a cast for 3 1/2 wks. I try and stay from golf balls now!

~thought: think before you kick~

My embarrassing moment

~It was before a basketball game this all happened. We were in a class room stretching and going over plays for the game. The coach paused for about 5 sec. and all of the sudden I had let some gas out (I had no control over this, you must know that!) Everyone looked at me and I just smiled and said, "I had ketchup!" (I don't know why I said that, some cover huh!?) Well ever since then, none of my friends will not give or hand me ketchup when I need it! (And I need the ketchup, for the people who need the ketchup!)

~thought: think of a better cover story!: You can never control the gas!~

Be careful what you say!

~I came home from school to find that my closet had fell! (the shelf part) Well, this thing was made of wood so I had to tear the nails out of the wall to take it down (this thing was no light weight) I dragged it out into the hallway w/ all my clothes hanging on it (it was quite a site) and nails sticking out from it. I thought I'd warn my brother and sister to be careful and watch the nails and the pieces of wood sticking out. Well, it turned out, I should've listened to my own warning. As I was walking through the hallway one of the nails caught the top of my foot and I got cut in two places. It was ugly and it hurt! I now have 2 scars on my foot. I couldn't wear shoes cuz the pressure against caused me great pain! So I had to were slipper/sandals all the time, and had a limp for about 2 wks.

~thought: listen to yourself, you can save yourself foot pain!~

Shopping Problem

I have this problem: Shopping for clothes! I can't seem to buy clothes when I need to. I either buy something useless like floam (from KB toys) or windbreaker (a slimy thing that makes fart noises, I'm amused to easily *L*) this from the KCET store. I also end up buying CD's, shoes, sandals, and some weird game (from Gamekeeper). ANYTHING BUT CLOTHES! I just don't seem to buy any when I'm at the mall. I look at them, some are nice, cute outfits, but nada, zero, zilch! If you have any suggestions on how I can start buying clothes when I'm supposed to please don't email me it may be a waste. But you never know!

~thought: BUY THE CLOTHES! (at least try anyways)~


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