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These are just a few scribbles or doodles I wrote when I had nothing else better to do...

Here you are laughing at everything I say,
But I'm used to it, so I guess it's okay!


Here I am tired in bed
And all I could think of is to jump ahead
Some of my thoughts seem to be crazy
And not just that, I'm so damn lazy


There she sits, drinking coke
But she doesn't know her stay is a big joke
Who is she and where did she come from
I wish she would disappear at the beat of a drum.


There's no way in hell, this should happen
I think...oh! fuckin' well, shit always happens!


Ever since you went away
You gave me reasons not to stay
Every night I think and say
Why did you have to go away

Things at home aren't the same anymore,
I consider my life now, just a big bore
Four months have passed and you wouldn't believe
He decided to get married
I wish she would leave

But life goes on, I've blown off so much steam
I wish I'd wake up and realize that
It was just a broken dream.


It's because of you, everything has changed
I know it's not true, but I have you to blame
You come into our lives, like it's okay
But if I had a vote I'd say NO WAY!

I really don't know you and don't know why you're here
And all your causing is great deal of fear
Maybe you think you know what's good for my father,
But all it's doing, is driving us farther
I know you mean well, I think you do
And if you were in my shoes, wouldn't you??


As each day I watch go by
I don't see you there
and want to cry
Why are you gone and where did you go?
I wish you were here to keep me on my toes
I really miss you and whish you were here
But I know in my heart, you are always near.


This is a letter I write to you
For you are a friend
A friend to COOL! (NOT...j/k)
What can I say you're very crazy
But wait, my visions are coming
Sorry they're a bit hazy
You comment on everything I say
But with those words, it makes my day.


When she called, something was wrong
And what I found out was, that he was gone
I tried to hold my sigh of relief
But I know this dream was hard to believe

As she began, I felt very happy,
But I know on the other side she felt very crappy.
Then she began to shed her tears
And all I could hear is her sound of fear

What does she see in him? He's so eccentric!
But the truth is, he's really pathetic!
I couldn't hold it
I spit it out
I said how I felt without a doubt

God that felt good, i let everything out in the open
But he was there the whole time and....
What can I say,
I dealt with this situation
But none of this would happen
If it was just a case of infatuation.

She went on and on
About what happen
And before I knew it....
Damn it!!
I knew when he called it was to good to be true
She was rubber and he was the glue
This whole time I was standing on a beam
And as I fell, it became a broken dream.






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