This was my first fan gathering I've ever been to and I must say I had a blast. The whole weekend was absolutely great! The GH luncheon started @ 1030am or so and registration was 830-930am. We got there around qtr. to 9. I thought we'd be waiting in a long line but we didn't at all. They had merchandise tables outside to help time go by. There were tables for the Vanessa Connection, Tyler's Team,, Rebecca Herbst FC, a table filled w/ pictures of the GH stars. They also had a raffle table with great GH merchandise signed by the cast. I had to buy some of course. Well we got done looking pretty early so we just hung out for a while, then stood in line to go in.

One of the pictures I got, Gotta Love It!

Once we got in we were served our lunch. The food wasn't all that good, the salad wasn't even good. Our dressing was oil & vinegar, and you only could tasted the oil. I thought I was going to be sick after eating some of it. We then were served turkey w/ stuffing, it was ok. Once we finished up, they introduced John Ingle (Edward). He introduced the rest of the cast. The came out from the door as they were each called. They announced in them alphabetical order:

Rachel Ames, Real Andrews, Sarah Brown, Steve Burton, Lisa Cerasoli, Leslie Charleson, Stuart Damon, Mary Beth Evans, Nancy Lee Grahn, Ron Hale, Vanita Harbor, Patricia Healy, Rebecca Herbst, (Reginald), Anne Jeffreys, Shell Kepler, Wally Kurth, Jon Lindstrom, Brad Maule, Stephen Nichols, Robyn Richards, Michael Saucedo, Coltin Scott, Tava Smiley, Julian Stone, Amber Tamblyn, Constance Towers, Lisa Vultaggio, Jacklyn Zeman, Maurice Bernard, and Wendy Riche.

John Ingle then handed the mic to Brad Maule who was a great MC. He did the Q&A session. I would tell you what was said and asked but I don't remember all of it. But here's what I do remember. Real talked about his brother and his foundation and gave his website. Sarah Brown asked who Carly really loves, there were a few names given but her last answer was Carly loves herself. Steve Burton was asked if it's true that he and Maurice always crack up during scenes, the answer was yes. Lisa Cerasoli was asked what she has or will be doing (I think), she wrote a screen play, she told us the title but I don't remember. Stuart Damon left after he answered his question, he had to be somewhere. Rebecca Herbst was asked what was/who is Liberty. Liberty is her middle name. Wally Kurth was asked about Brook Lynn, then turned to Wendy and she said that Brook Lynn will be aged (I think) and be on the show for a week (I think Wally replied, "that's all I get"), Jon Lindstrom was asked about the High Lonesome. He says that they are no more, they got what they wanted radio time and something else, don't recall. Robyn Richards was asked what she does on vacation. She goes on boat, she likes to sail. Amber Tamblyn was asked if she had learned anything from Emily and vice versa. She said from Emily not to take drugs and sleep around with family members (or somewhere around those lines). Maurice Bernard was told that his love scenes w/ Lisa Vutiggo looked real and what does he do to make them look so real. I don't remember what he said. And Wendy Riche was asked because the Emmy's ran so long (for a good reason of course) was there anything else she would like to say. And I don't remember the answer to that either (sorry!)

After the Q&A was over the actors went to their tables. Our table was about 10-15ft from Wally's and Nancy's table. We watched the actors/actresses walk to their tables. The first table we went to was Nancy and Wally's. They are both extremely nice. We headed towards the back of the room and saw this huge line for Steve Burton's table. So we v-lined to the shorter lines. I'd say the longest lines were Steve Burton, but later he said that it took too long so he just went walking around and took pictures w/ everyone. Sarah Brown, Jackie Zeman, Wally and Nancy, and Julian Stone. Maurice didn't even have a table he just stood in one spot and fans got to pictures w/ him. They had to move Rebecca, Amber, Coltin, and Michael's table esle where 'cause it was getting to crowded there in the corner. So they moved to the opposite end of the room. Michael Saucedo moved to the table Ron Hale. The only people I didn't get to meet were Brad Maule :( Constance Towers, Lisa Vultaggio, Real Andrews, Vanita Harbor and (Reginald). The event ended and it went by really fast. It was a fun afternoon and I hope to be back next year!

After it was over I put the stuff I had in the car and my sis and I headed down to Jerry's Famous Deli for something real to eat. A few minutes later we saw Becky and her family along with Amber walk in. We weren't going to bother them, we just had our lunch and headed back home.


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