Let me just start off by saying that if you get the chance to ever go to this event or any other event GO!! It is so much fun! I had a blast that weekend!

We (my sis and I) had an hour and l/2 to drive there so we left late (of course! LOL) we got stuck in traffic, but made it there by 6pm. We stood in line for about ½ hr. We waited patiently. Once we checked in. We found our table which wasn't that bad. It's a good thing we were the first one's to show up at our table cuz we got to pick our seat w/ the best view! We had our dinner which wasn't too bad (a lot better than the GH lunch we had) We saw Kin, Carly, and her mom walking in. And Lynn Herring was out in the lobby signing. She seems very sweet I wish I got to meet her. Well the party finally started.

Nolan North was the MC. Let me tell you he's very funny and entertaining, not to mention great looking! He introduced each cast member:
-Kimberlin Brown
-Jon Lindstrom
-Julie Pinson
-Colton James
-Sarah Aldrich
-Carly Shroeder
-Kin Shriner
-Lisa-Ann Hadley
-Jay Pickett
-George Alvarez
-Granville Van D
-Nicholas Pryor
-Lynn Herring
-Marie Wilson
-Amy Weber
-Nolan North
-David Gail
-Susan Brown
-Peter Hanson
-Anders Hove
-Wendy Riche

After everyone was introduced we were served dinner then dessert. Finally all the actors went on stage for the Q&A session. The questions were screened. From what I remember
-Kimberlin Brown was asked about her golf game. A: She came in 3rd in a golf tournament (I think) and won some money. ( I was hoping for a better question than that).
-George Alvarez, I don't remember his.
-Jon Linstrom, I forget his too. Sorry!
-Julie Pinson, I forget.
-Colton james was asked about being tutored on the set then going to a regular school, A: he said that he doesn't get to play w/ all kids.
-Sarah Aldrich, I forget
-Carly Shroeder was asked about her commercials. A: She got to play with Barbie's for 2 days. There's more I just don't remember it all.
-Kin Shriner was asked about the apples and something else I don't remember.
-Lisa-Ann Hadley was asked about the Cheerios commercial, she said it was fun.
-Granville Van D was asked if he ever goes online, which he responded "What's online?" So that's a no!
-Jay Pickett was asked about how does he like his new brother. He said first that he misses Michael and that it was great working with him (crowd applauded and Colton James cheered also) Then was talking about David Gail (new Joe) and David stood up and handed him some money (LOL)
-Amy Weber was asked about meeting 98 degrees, she said she did get to meet them and has met the Backstreet Boys also.
-Marie Wilson was asked about her previous acting jobs. She was in the Sonny and Cher movie, I think she played one of Sonny's wives.
-Nicholas Pryor was asked about the gadgets that Victor uses.
-Susan Brown, don't remember.
-Peter Hanson was asked what do the actors do behind the scenes during a party scene, I don't remember the answer to that.
-Nolan North, I don't' remember.
-Anders Hove was asked where's he hiding Robert, Anna, and Lucky. He says he doesn't know.
-Lynn Herring left early so she didn't get to answer her question.

You can't expect me to remember everything! :)

After the Q&A the PC FC awards were handed out.

Supporting Actor: Nicholas Pryor (YEAH!)

Supporting Actress: Julie Pinson

Favorite Couple: Kevin & Lucy (LOL, this was funny cuz, when Jon went up to get the award, Julie ran up and took it. She gave it back of course!)

Favorite Actress: Lynn Herring

Favorite Actor: Kin Shriner

Once the awards were done, the actors went to their tables ready to sign and take pictures. I wanted to get into to certain lines first but they were too long, so I went to the shorter lines. It worked out well, all the actors and actresses are very nice. As I recall the longest lines were Nolan North, Julie Pinson, Jay Pickett, I'm sure there are a couple more I just don't remember at the moment. Some of the actors stayed pretty late signing and taking pics still. It was nice. That night we didn't go to bed about 3 in the morning. I didn't want to go into to much detail cuz I can only remember so much and I'm getting tired of typing so I'll end this here.

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