Saturday July 24th

Wally's event

Saturday we didn't get any tickets to any events so we slept in late. When we got dressed we went to the Elena's Soap Boutique to see if there were anymore Wally concert tickets. Well there was only one ticket left and there were 2 of us. But the place they were holding Wally's concert was just outside the pool area, so we just looked @ at the soap merchandise, then hung out by the pool. There were events being held before Wally's so we saw stars walking around. Real Andrews event was at 7pm so we saw him walking around the room area. Wally happened to arrive early to set up and do a sound check. We caught him and Real chatting, so my sis asked for a pic of them to. It was a great picture of the two.

My favorite pic!

We heard K&T rehearsing w/ the band, and they sounded really good. Later, we saw Rena and Lisa walking up to the room. We got hungry and decided to get something to eat, while part of Wally's concert was going on. After we finished we hung outside of the room to hear the concert. The great thing was we were able to watch the concert through the window, there were sheer curtains but you can still see them. It was liking sitting front row but just outside w/ bad light. But it was okay, they were great and you can see them. When the concert was over, the band took a 5 min. break. Wally walked by and he looked good in leather pants (I'm assuming they were leather or fake leather)

Well Wally went back to the room and they had a Q&A. In attendence were Rena Sofer, Lisa Cerasoli, Patricia Healy, and John Ducey (co-star of Oh Grow up, and Lisa's boyfriend). They were all funny. I can't really tell you what they were saying because I don't remember right now and the ladies outside the room were talking loud that we couldn't hear everything. Sorry! The Q&A ended and Wally and the band, and Patricia Healy were going to sign down by the pool.

We saw Rena and Lisa walk down. Rena and Lisa had to leave but my sis asked if she can take a picture with her. She said sure but it would have to be a solo picture of her 'cause if she took a picture w/ her then she would have to take a picture w/ everyone else too, and she was in hurry. So I took a picture of her and my sis asked her to sign a pic she had of her, and she did. A minute later a girl and her father (I think) got Rena too take a picture with the girl. So before she took it she tapped my sis on the shoulder saying she would take a picture w/ her. It was really nice of her. I didn't want to ask her for a picture 'cause she I didn't want to hold her up. Well when Rena, Lisa and John left. The line for Wally, Patricia and the band was already long. Since we didn't have any tickets we had to wait til all the people who had tickets were finished. It was about 1215am and we finally got in line. I was kinda tired but I wanted to meet them.

We finally got up to the line and Wally is a sweetheart. He signed some stuff for me. Christian Taylor was abso. nice. He introduced himself and asked if we enjoyed the show. I did of course. Next was Patricia Healy she's a doll. Very sweet. I luved meeting her!

I met the rest of the band and they were really great guys! I have to remember next time to order tickets early!! I heard next year K&T might be doing to shows! YEAH!!!

KT band members

We finally went down the table and met everyone! It was @ 1am by the time we finished. But we were told that Wally and the band were still up packing up there equipment at 2am. It was a fun evening considering we had no tickets to any of the Saturday events.

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