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Thurs 7.26.01

I'm held back a few days, but here's how my last 2 weeks went. Monday I got the call for an interview with County for temporary jobs. It was cool I was kind of excited. I had to take a little test which sometimes you think it's too easy, that you think that you will do bad. I thought it did, but I didn't so all was good. I'm impress myself with my math skills LOL I mean I sucked at geometry but equations and stuff like that I can handle, to a point! haha Anyways I digress... It was for the county so I had to take the "HAVE TO PEE IN THE CUP TEST" as I like to call it. Let me when they tell you to go in demand it's not easy. So I told myself I would hold it til it was time LOL It does not feel good to hold stuff like that in LOL So I got that over and done with. Everyone tells me that it would take months before they even call you back so I was like "GRRRREAT!, I have to wait!" But to surprise that week, on Friday I got a call saying they have a job/assignment for me. I was like "YES!" Anyhooo.... I work with some nice people, my supervisor is cool (well she's actually taking the place of him til he gets back from vacation). And I forgot my train of thought.... Oh yeah! I work pretty early and trust me 730 is early for me. I'm a night owl. I'm hoping I get used to it by next week. The first week or I should say 3 days weren't that bad. But now I have BGR and TR numbers going through head!! Don't ask! hahaha Ok enough about that and everything else cuz I'm getting a headache!!




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