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Krzee FAQS

*Is Krzee really crazy? All the time, she is sane though

*Did she really interview herself and why?
Yes she did because it was fun when she did it

*What is Krzee's real name?
Krzee is her real name.(j/k) she says ask her and she'll tell you

*Are these the only FAQS we'll get?

color: blue
dreamcar: Jeep Wrangler (metallic green), or Jeep Grand Cherokee
hobbies: go out, watch movies, basketball
tv shows: FRIENDS and XENA
soaps: definitely General Hospital and Port Charles..
pet peave: when you tell someone something, then they say or suggest the samething you already said...PAY
greatest fear: FEAR ITSELF
fav. line to people who ask me why??......because I can
is annoyed people who annoy me
never...get on my bad side
friends say...she is wierd and crazy but always FUN!